There are some sites on the internet that you cannot access. China is notorious for blocking out some sites from different places of the world. It isn’t bad and illegal for a country to block some sites. In fact, in some countries they block out some porn and gambling sites. Just because a site is block doesn’t always mean that people can’t access it. A site may be blocked in China but can be available in Europe. You don’t have to worry about these blocked sites as you can use a proxy network for yourself.

Everything you need to know about a proxy network

A proxy network is also called a virtual private network or VPN. Basically, it is like an application or program that you need to run. Once the VPN is running, you can change the address of your internet.

Think of something like you’re living in China and the site XYZ is blocked. Once you use the VPN you can make it look like your address is in the UK. That allows you to access those blocked sites because the block doesn’t apply to the UK. More information on school unblocked games on

If you don’t want to use the VPN anymore, then just turn it off. Once it is off, your address is back in China and the site is blocked again.

Just a few things to remember about a proxy network

There are some proxy networks that are free and some that are paid models.

Using a proxy network isn’t illegal because you’re just using it to browse a blocked site.

You can not only unlock sites but as well as some games. Unblocked games can be played due to the use of the VPN that still proxies your address.

Use a proxy network or VPN when you need to access sites that are blocked in your area.