What is Split Funding?

Split funding is a perfect solution for retail stores which accepts payments from credits cards. It is through these credit card payments that loan repayments are made from a fixed percentage of the sale. This allows business owners to focus more on their business rather than being concerned with repayments. The more sales are made the faster will the loan be repayment.

What is needed in order to qualify?

For a business to qualify in the split funding loan, the following conditions must be met, such as:

• Operating history of at least 2 months
• Credit card sales per month must not be less than $7,500
• The business must have a documented gross minimum monthly sales of $10,000
• The business has no open bankruptcy record
• Business Startups cannot qualify for this but after the earlier requirements are met, they can qualify for this loan
To get an approval from excelcap management, complete the application and send it back together with a 3 month bank and credit card statements as attachment.

What benefits can a business get out from this?

• There is no fixed repayment schedule; it all depends on the credit card sales. That is why it was said that repayment isbased on the pace of the business.
• There are no strict penalties for late payments
• There is not ceiling amount or minimum fund requirement
• Give speedy approval from 24 – 48 hours
• Fund are available within 48 hours
• No required personal guarantees, collateral and common credit attachments
• Funds can be used in anything related to the business
• Refinancing is quick and easy.


The fact that this type of loan is based on the need of the business and the repayment is tailored to the way the business gets payment from its sales; makes it a very ideal type of loan. This is something that businesses should take into consideration before trying other options.